Success Stories

Professional, communicative, easy to work with

 “I don’t know how we would have managed without her.”

“We were referred to Teresa by Sunshine Villa when my brother needed to move into assisted living from his home in San Jose.  Teresa met us in San Jose and helped us choose furniture from his home that would work well in his new apartment in Santa Cruz. She then coordinated moving the items and setting up his new apartment at Sunshine Villa.”

“After my brother was settled, we hired Teresa to liquidate everything that was in my brother’s home. It was a large 4 level home that was stuffed with 45 years of accumulated stuff.”

“For both jobs, Teresa was professional, communicative, easy to work with, reliable, fair, hardworking, and honest. Her employees were equally hardworking and enjoyable to work with. The job we gave her was challenging, and she met the challenge cheerfully and competently.”

“I don’t know how we would have managed without her. Her fees were reasonable and I would recommend her to anyone needing her services.”

– Alan S. & Dr. Jerry S.

Worry and stress free

“I recommend A MOVE MADE SIMPLE without reservation.”

“My mother passed away, and I alone was responsible for clearing out the house she had lived in for 44 years. I just needed someone to take care of it.”

“Theresa and her wonderful team came in and set up an estate sale so quickly and efficiently. They really know how to do it well, and the results were better than I could have hoped. Worry and stress free for me.”

“I can’t recommend Theresa enough. She really understands how tough it is to go through something like this and wants to make it as pain free as possible. I recommend A MOVE MADE SIMPLE without reservation.”

—Sachi P.

My mom was and is a collector…

“I think what sets Theresa aside is the heart that she has for the people she serves.”

“She is simply the best at what she does, and what she did is to help move my elderly mother, which was a project too big for me, and anyone else I thought.”

“My mom was and is a collector.  She was in her home for 58 years and had amassed a collection enviable to any store around, and every item was my mom’s personal treasure. Mom’s house resembled a warehouse in the sheer quantity and expansiveness of her treasures. Getting my mom to give up any item, no matter how small was like pulling teeth without novacaine. I was besides myself, as I had to get my mom moved.”

“Enter Theresa Tucciarelli from A MOVE MADE SIMPLE.  To cut to the chase, mom has moved into her new home, and it could not have happened without Theresa.”

“Theresa is filled with compassion, patience, and a work ethic like nobody’s business.  She is organized, efficient and validated my mom throughout the process.   Along the way, things got packed, donated, tossed or set aside to sell with as much ease as I dare not have hoped for.”

“I think what sets Theresa aside is the heart that she has for the people she serves and her heart of service.”

“I would highly recommend Theresa and A MOVE MADE SIMPLE to anyone who needs to downsize, move or create space.”

—Ria A.

 I felt overwhelmed

“Teresa is great to work with!”

“After my sister passed away I was left with having to clean out her place. She had a home and garage filled with belongings of 27 years (and she kept stuff for a long, long time!). I felt overwhelmed especially since I didn’t live in the area.”

“I needed everything cleaned out and that’s exactly what they did in a planned and perfect way. I can’t thank them enough—plus Teresa is great to work with!”

—Diana C.

Moving a loved one by yourself isn’t easy

“You made the transition so much easier!”

“Trying to move a loved one by yourself isn’t easy. You made the transition so much easier! Thank you!”

—Cami C.

A cookbook library with thousands of books

“We recommend her 110%.”

“The move included packing up a cookbook library consisting of literally thousands of books and pamphlets and a series of three estate sales. When you’re in the midst of something like this, no matter how organized you may think you are, you’re not. You need someone with the objective overview and organizational skills to step in and guide you to the finish. You contact Theresa.”

“She and her crew helped us organize, set up and price our sales, pack up and move furniture and our belongings out of the house to storage and cleaned the house, top to bottom before we turned over the keys.”

“Thinking back I now realize just how in charge she was of the process without ever being pushy…which is quite a talent. She was a pleasure to work with and she helped us complete a large, difficult task that without her would have been impossible for us. We recommend her 110%.”

—Steve D.