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Aging Gracefully: Businesses help seniors get a move on


LA SELVA BEACH — At the age of 15, Theresa Tucciarelli got her first job working with senior citizens. Working as a waitress at the former Casa del Rey Retirement Hotel in Santa Cruz was the first job Tucciarelli ever had.

After decades of working in the restaurant industry, Tucciarelli, 48, has come full circle and is back working with senior citizens again. [read more]

Specialist helping seniors on the move


When Barbara Miller moved recently from La Selva Beach to Boulder Creek, she wasn”t about to do it all herself.

“I can”t lift like I used to,” said Miller, who at 76 is among a growing group of seniors turning to a new type of specialist — the senior moving manager — to help with the daunting task of sorting through years of accumulated belongings. The growing aging population means the market is ripe for new businesses offering products and services for seniors.  [read more]