Personalized Move Planning

Every move is different. We will plan with you to customize the exact services you need, guide you if you have areas that you would like to do yourself, and prepare for final clean outs.  If needed, we can arrange an estate sale for valuables, furnishings, and household items at the end of the move.

There are numerous details that need to be considered prior to moving and during the move, especially if long distance. Here are a few examples:

  • Careful labeling and packing of your possessions, including medications and in-room health support systems so they can easily be found in the new home.
  • Utilities transfers and other notifications that can simplify home care for seniors can be arranged.
  • Arranging temporary accommodations for the client (and pets) while the move is in progress.

Pre- and Post-Move Services

Every move has its challenges. Our goal is to provide information in advance about senior living options, resources available in the new location, and a followup once the move is completed.

Our “Every Move” services include:

  • An in-home consultation for senior moving solutions and assisted living concepts.
  • Senior care information on resources in your community related to caring for aging parents.
  • Follow up to make sure everything is going well once in your new home.

Age Placement Planning

Develop an overall move or “age in place” plan, including assisted living concepts and timetable. And we map out and organize a senior care homes schedule for you.

New Residence Floor Planning

Customized floor plan for new residence. We measure your new residence and furniture that you want to take and make sure it all fits into your new senior citizen living residence.

Downsizing & Decision Making

No matter what elderly care homes, independent living, or nursing home solutions you are considering, we provide compassionate help with the challenging sorting and decisions needing to be made to downsize your life.

Our caring for elderly parents means providing patience, compassion, and guidance through the difficult decision making process of going through your life’s possessions.

We can assist in managing the dispersal of your belongings to family members, charities, through an estate sale, the disposal of remaining items, and downsizing solutions.

Don’t wait for your patience to run out.

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create a painless downsizing plan.

A Move Made Simple 

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Managing the Entire Move

Let us take the stress out of managing and hiring the numerous referrals and professional services that associated with a major move for a senior. This includes hiring the best professional for your situation, scheduling and overseeing the work to be sure it meets our high standards.

Some of the professional services that may be required for your move include a moving company, carpenters, painters, cleaning companies, appraisers, realtors,  hauling services, an estate sale professional, home-care providers and caregivers, senior caregiver agencies, home health agencies, and more.

Assembling a Specialized Team

Over the years we have built trusting relationships with other senior citizen home professionals so we can create the team you need to make your transition safe, seamless and stress-free.

We are experienced in scheduling a team of diverse services and multiple companies to avoid delays and conflicting priorities.

From initial planning to a final walkthrough in your senior home, we are there for you.

Cross-Country Support

Certified move managers and other members of the Nation Association of Move Managers (NASMM) work together to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible, even if that involves national moving companies with cross country movers to get you across to your new home.

We can help you arrange a long-distance senior’s move in partnership with other certified NASMM members who are knowledgable in taking care of the elderly.


We want the new residence to be clean, organized on move in day, which means you can expect that the unpacking and set-up in your new home as been completed on day one. This includes:

  • Arranging the furniture and making of beds
  • Setting up kitchen and bathrooms
  • Connecting and setting up electronics
  • Hanging pictures and all the finishing touches that make a home a home
  • Shopping for groceries and other items for new home.
  • Helping you connect with seniors associations, veterans assisted living, elderly day care.
  • Additional home-caregiver services that go beyond senior moving are available on request.


Details — and more details

Even though you’ve moved, we’re still here to make sure anything related to your move is taken care of for you.

Relocating and starting a new senior lifestyle may be enhanced with some ongoing home-care services. Some of these services you may have considered, and there may be some you don’t know about. But selecting the right caregiver and home service provider can be another point of overwhelm.

We can help you identify agencies and service providers that can help you transition as you adjust to your new home, and provide ongoing home care as needed.

Oversight & Project Services

  • Managing placement planning
  • Decision-making when downsizing
  • New residence floor planning
  • Overseeing movers and contractors
  • Downsizing and organizing services
  • Facilitating working with family
  • Providing referrals to supporting
    senior care agencies and local
    companies as needed.