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3 weeks before moving

  • Movers can't take aerosols, flammables, ammunition or bottled gas. It's best to use them up or give them away before you move. Contact your city/ village for information on hazardous waste disposal.
  • Arrange to have major appliances serviced if/before you move them.
  • Check and clear tax assessments if the home is owned.
  • Collect important papers and put in a safe place (insurance, will, deeds, stock, etc.)
  • Arrange for closing or transfer of bank accounts and open new accounts in new location. Account for all outstanding deposits and checks.

2 weeks before moving

  • If you're moving out of or into a building with elevators, contact the building management to schedule use of the elevators.
  • Have your car checked and serviced for the trip. Also, make sure that your automobile is prepared (filled with the necessary antifreeze/coolant, for example) for weather conditions.
  • Arrange to discontinue delivery services.
  • Return library books, video rentals and other things you've borrowed.
  • Collect things you've loaned, and items in the dry-cleaners, lay-away, cold storage, safety deposit box, etc.
  • Call your mover to verify details of the move.
  • Give away plants not being moved.
  • Movers cannot take down TV antennas or satellite dishes. Arrange for third party service.
  • Arrange for cable/satellite TV disconnection.
  • Your local service provider can help you with phone, internet, cable or satellite service for your new home, if not provided

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