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Helpful Downsizing Tips
Helpful Downsizing Tips - Part 2
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As you go through your belongings remember that you will be moving into a smaller residence and you can not take it all with you. So ask yourself these questions:

Have I used this in the last year?
When was the last time I used this?
Do I have more than one?
Do I really need it in my new home?
Can I get by without this? Would I have to replace it if I choose to get rid of it?
Is it a family heirlom? Is there someone in the family to whom I want to pass it down? (If so, it is a good idea to write a note explaining the item's history and significance so the story does not get lost in the next generations.)

As you ask these questions, either sort them in boxes, or if your not moving for a while, with colored stickers representing where they go:
To family
To new home
To sale ( if you choose to have one)
To charity
To trash can
If you're using boxes, label and keep a journal of the contents of the boxes that will be moving with you. It is a good idea not to use boxes that are too big as they are heavy and awkward. A small to medium box is a good choice.

Have family members pick up items, or send the items to them as soon as possible.

Put the items directly in designated boxes that you will either sell at a garage sale or give to charity right away. It is best to free up as much space as possible so you will see some progress. Store in an out of the way place until you're ready for your sale if you choose to have one. Charity boxes should be put in car or contact charity for pick up as soon as possible.

By organizing as you go, half the battle of moving will be already done.

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